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About Us

So...who are we? Only the most luxurious dogs on the blockchain! Cocky Canines is a collection of 3,333 dogs with hand crafted elements. Each element is randomized so that your dog will have its own unique personality. Not only does Cocky Canines provide a great PFP, but we'll be hosting IRL Cocky Canine events that you can attend! All you need is your own Canine. Take a look at our roadmap to see how we will become the most sought after NFT on the market.

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    Mint Your NFT

    Mint your Cockty Canine in February 2022

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    Buy Exclusive Merch

    Holders of Cocky Canines will be able to buy exclusive T-Shirts, Hoodies, and Hats. You'll have the ability to customize your merch with a picture of your unique Canine.

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    Helping a Real Life Dog

    Once all of the NFTs have been minted, 20% of the money will be donated to Paws, an organization dedicated to helping stray dogs in need. By minting an NFT, you will be helping a real life dog find its home.

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    Meet the Community

    In March 2022, we will throw an IRL party in Las Vegas for holders of the NFT. Meet the community and learn more about what Cocky Canines is trying to accomplish!

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    Launch More Collections

    More collections will be launched to compainian your Cocky Canine! Don't be surprised if one of our dogs finds a radioactive bone...

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    Phase 1 Completed

    Phase 1.0 done. On to Phase 2.0

Meet The Team

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Mark Zubricki

Marketing guru, hypeman, and proud greyhound owner (IRL!)

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Allison Crawford

Award winning artist using her creative mind to create Cocky Canines

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Connor Turco

Developer graduating from one of the best colleges in the U.S.


First download for your chrome browser. Make sure you have enough ethereum in your wallet to purchase. Then connect your wallet by clicking the connect wallet button on the front page of our website (once sales have opened of course). Then you'll be able to mint your Canine and view it in your Metamask wallet!
There will be two opportunities to mint an NFT. One will be during the presale and the other will be during the onsale. Cocky Canines members that are whitelisted will be able to purchase during the presale. In order to mint a Cocky Canine, visit our website once sales have opened and connect your metamask wallet.
The mint price for our NFT will be announced soon. Join our Discord and keep checking our website to stay updated. Make sure you have extra money in your wallet to cover gas fees.

Click here to join our Discord server and meet other Cocky Canines enthusiasts!

You can become a member of the whitelist by being an active member in our Discord or by participating in giveaways on our Instagram/Twitter. More specific details of how to get whitelisted are on our Discord.